Elite Stone Gallery

ES Gallery in London: The exclusive showroom of Elite Stone was inaugurated

An inspirational journey based on an in-depth knowledge of the materials that transforms into exclusive design, because each marble is unique and special. The protagonist at ES Gallery is surely the revolutionary and refined interpretation of living, the Coral Black area, a true work of art in a perfect blend of appealing aesthetics and unprecedented functionality. The passion for quality details is evident: materials, finishes, colors are dressed in elegance that embellishes the everyday. A magnificent Coral Black theater, backlit by the decisive and gritty personality, where the workings and details are a true vocation to excellence.

The iconic Italian brand has also introduced some lighting fixtures in its showroom, not just design, but unexpected light sources. Elite Stonehas patented the innovative and sophisticated E-light System, the result of a search for more than ten years that has come into being in the combination of thin layered marble and onyx panels with glass transparency and brightness of the glass. LED. Furnishings such as kitchens, doors, boiserie, doors and entrance doors are so exalted by the harmony of backlit light marbles, creating a hugging and evocative atmosphere.

An excellence that realizes dreams: Every design created by Elite Stone is tailored and fully meets the requirements of exclusivity, surpassing any imagination.

"This is the first time in the history of marble that opens a dedicated showroom abroad, not only to the architect, but above all to the end customer, with finished products and born of continuous research and our company know-how"
Tetyana Kovalenko, Elite Stone's CEO